At Discovery Garden, we follow the English 'Early Years Foundation Stage' curriculum and value the importance of learning through play.

Giving children what they deserve

By offering a unique approach

We focus on the child as a whole.

The curriculum that we follow enables our children to learn in an exciting environment, fosters their independence and gives them the perfect introduction to their educational journey. Our young learners enjoy all of their exciting learning experiences as our skilled teachers carefully bring learning to the interests of our children, and this delivers outstanding results.

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A balanced approach to learning through play.

The 'Early Years Foundation Stage' consists of seven areas of learning and focuses on the children as a whole, their well being, and encourages them to make sense of the world around them. The curriculum ensures equal coverage of the following areas of growth and development which helps us to create well rounded, confident members of our community.

  • Personal Social and Emotional Development
  • Communication and Language
  • Physical
  • Expressive Arts and Design
  • Understanding the World
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics

Bringing the excitement back home.

Building an effective parent teacher partnership is among our highest priorities at Discovery Garden. We actively encourage parents and carers to become involved in many aspects of our school life as this greatly benefits our children and enables us to get to know you and your family better, which in turn eases the transition between home and school life.